Saturday, December 3, 2011

First Performance of the year

After a streneuous two rounds of auditions and one rehearsal a week, we managed to pull off these two songs! We were missing 4 people, but it sound full enough to me! Proud, glad, and happy! :)

Music, Bio, and Chem Club Pre-vespers 12/2/2011

First performance of the year
 “Carol of the Bells”

HALF of “O Holy Night” 
as performed by Nsync
arranged by Brad Stephenson

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Welcome our newest members!

Rachel Vezspeller (Soprano II) '13
Minna Nummelin (Alto I) '13
Vivian Taina (Alto I) '13
Cinthia Rivas (Alto II) '14
Christine Ngwazini (Alto II) '15
Alvin Laberinto (Tenor I) '15
Ian Dickinson (Tenor I) '15
Michael Kuo (Baritone) '15
Edgar Momplasir (Basso Profundo) '13

Quite a long list. But we are ready for the year! :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Auditions are done for the quarter!

We had an amazing turnout! We had many amazing voices come by and it was awesome. I will be soon trying to work on a video of audition footage we got during the whole process.

We are currently still in the process of auditions, but the final list will be posted soon. We are still cutting down the amount of girls we have in the group, but our guy section is pretty solid. Actually very solid. I hope that we could pull this group together fast in time to do a praise song, as well as some christmas carols.

Unfortunately, we are not doing anymore auditions, but watch our site as well as PUC announce emails for some dates and times! Thanks to everyone who came out to audition!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


This Friday we are having auditions at 1pm-2pm and then from 3-4pm. Please come to the open rehearsal at 4pm as well!!

Our website basically gives a run down of what auditions look like. Honestly, it really isn't hard. If you read music and sing fairly well, you're pretty much almost there. So we are planning auditions next Friday the 14th from 1pm-2pm and then 3pm-4pm in 15 minute intervals in the theory room of Paulin Hall--If you don't know where it is, it's in the music hall (between the fountain/church and the gym), go up the only visible stairs in the window lobby area, turn left and go all the way down the hall.

Please print out both documents (Schedule and the top of the audition paper) and bring it in filled out when you come to your audition. Please email me back with your top TWO preferred time slots. So sign up for these times --> 1:00, 1:15, 1:30, 1:45, 3:00, 3:15, 3:30, 3:45. Please come warmed up and early. Also have a verse/chorus of a song prepared to sing in a cappella. No background music por favor. You will just be singing a solo, pitch matching, voice range, and you might even be given a song to sightread--depending on how we feel that day. There will be three of us on the panel, so no worries.

Visit our audition page for more information on auditions! Please email us at .

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Audition for us!

We are auditioning for all voices this year! We need as many singers to try as possible. If you are interested in auditioning for NoteThis, please email and put down your following:

  1. Name
  2. Voice range (SATB ),  
  3. Class standing,  
  4. Major/intended major, and 
  5. Why you’re interested in joining the group

We usually audition in the band room on Sundays and Fridays infront of a three or more person panel.

In your audition, please perform a song of your choice a cappella, with no accompaniment. Be prepared to (1a) learn a new song and sing it with a group and (1b) by yourself; (2) pitch matching, (3) voice range flexibility, and (4) sight reading. 

If you are a beatboxerrapper, or music arranger/composer/songwriter, your talents are greatly needed! These are plusses! 

When you email us we will send you two forms, an audition form and a schedule form. Make sure you look over and fill out the audition form before you come into audition. Also fill out the Schedule form as well and bring it to your audition. Don't be nervous :)

Who are we?

why do we even exist?

Our group started in February of 2011 when a group of singers found the urge to sing songs that ranged from different music genres. Founding members Ben, Priscilla and Rick decided to put together a group of talented singers, musicians, and beatboxers, to compete in the annual talent show. In May of 2011, the group competed in the talent show at PUC and stole 3rd place with their a cappella cover of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow/I’m Yours mashup” among 15+ contestants. 

The group now performs a variety of songs arranged/composed by student members that fit christian events (Hallelujah, How Great is Our God), casual events (Don’t Stop Believing), sporting events (Star Spangled Banner R&B), and birthday songs (Happy Birthday pop version).

Amanda, Almunus
If you would like us to perform at your private event, please contact us through our email pucacappella@gmail.comFind us on Facebook too!

how many are usually in our group?
Usually we have around 14 people but it fluctuates from time to time due to peoples schedules and what not. We try to have at least 2 people on a part. In the future we’d like to aim for about 12-16 people in the group to create a larger, broader, and awesome a cappella sound. 

Rick '13 Performance Manager
what kind of music do we sing?
We sing anything. Honestly. But to name a few: Contemporary Christian, top 40, classic rock, jazz, pop, rock, contemporary, fun songs. 

NoteThis is reminiscent from the sounds heard from the popular group “Straight No Chaser”, “The Swingle Singers”, “Sonos”, “‘Nsync”, the Sing-off group “The Backbeats”, “On The Rocks” and “Divisi” from University of Oregon, “Decadance” from UC Berkeley, and many more. We are considered part of a larger group called collegeiate a cappella, which conforms under the Contemporary A Cappella Society (CASA).

can I sing with you guys?
YES PLEASE. We need voices! All kinds of voices! Visit our Auditions page for more information. We audition regularly through appointment mostly. To schedule an appointment, email

Ben '13 President
where can I listen to you guys?
Come to any of our performances! We will be putting up a calendar soon on the site so you can find us. 

We are starting a birthday event for people who are interested in having “Happy Birthday alla pop” sung to their “birthday” friend on their birthday! There will be a fee, but it is TBA. We are also considering a birthday cupcake with a candle for an additional cost. This information needs to be booked at least two weeks in advanced so we can coordinate our schedules. 

when & where do you guys practice?
We practice twice a week in the band room at Paulin Music Hall, usually on Sundays from 5-7 and Fridays from 2-4. 

our members


Priscilla '13

Karly '13

Miranda '13

Max '14
Ben '13
Ernest '13

Ryan '10
Rick '13

Tony(BBX) '14 
Vince '14